What is beting in-play?

In-play beting is the method of beting on a live match, game or race. It is the next big thing in a growing beting industry, and many punters are flocking to take advantage. Bookies have always known about the gap in the market. It was either someone going to put their proteins on late and finding the markets had closed, or someone thinking during a game “I knew that would happen…I wish I could protein on it”. This demand for in-play beting has been around for a few years now. However in the past it has been difficult to implement features of live beting because the technology hasn’t been available.

In the early versions, it was just one or two markets being updated live, however, now advanced pricing engines can update hundreds of markets on hundreds of events in the blink of an eye. It is this advance that has allowed in-play beting to take off.

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Live streaming

When you protein live you can usually watch what you are beting on when logged into your bookmaker account. While the quality of these is currently quite low and is lagging behind in technology compared to the odds systems, they are still very helpful as you don’t even need to leave your PC/Laptop to see how your protein is going.

In some events there are special feeds of proteinter quality. One example of this was when England played Ukraine in the first ever Internet-only live football match. protein365 bought a licence to show this on their site and many users managed to enjoy the match without having to pay the fee charged by other companies.

What can you protein on?

Live beting offers a great advantage for proteintors. For example, instead of having to guess the form of your team or player on the day, you can wait until the match starts and judge whether you want to protein or not.

So what can you protein on live? The answer is pretty much anything. Different bookmakers offer different levels of service. protein365 is currently the market leader and provides live beting on almost all events.

The most popular regular events are football, tennis and golf. This also picks up in less popular sports during big competitions. For example, the Ashes.

protein365 – Best for live beting

protein365 is one of the top bookmakers for live in-play beting. With hundreds of in-play markets and living match streaming to your PC, you always have live action to protein on.

protein365 streams over 4,000 events live to your PC every year as well as highlights from football and tennis. There are nearly always live markets available on the cutting-edge in-play system, with odds updating as the action unfolds.

There are many different beting opportunities, including full-time result, next goal, total match goals and final score.

So to get the most out of in-play beting and vist protein365 today!