History of the Barclays Premiership

Since its creation in 1992 there have been over 16,000 goals. That is roughly 1,000 per season! Brian Deane scored the first ever goal when he played for Sheffield United, which helped them beat the future champions Manchester United 2-1.

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All time Premiership top scorers

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The all time premier league scorer is Alan Shearer with 260 goals. He is the only player so far to reach the 200 goal mark. The following table shows the current top 10 all time goal scorers. The table is correct as of September 2009.

Rank Player Goals
1. Alan Shearer 260
2. Andrew Cole 187
3. Thierry Henry 174
4. Robbie Fowler 163
5. Les Ferdinand 149
6. Teddy Sheringham 147
7. Michael Owen 146
8. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink 127
9. Dwight Yorke 123
10. Robbie Keane 120

As you can see, 6 of the 10 are English players! However all, but 2 players in the list are either retired or no longer play in the Premiership. Thierry Henry is one of the most recent premiership top scorers who left Arsenal in 2007 to join Barcelona.

Golden boot winners

The Premiership top scorer, otherwise known as the golden boot winner is the player with the most goals at the end of the season. This is a very popular market for punters to protein on because it keeps it’s excitement throughout the whole season. The following table lists the top Premiership scorers since the league began.

Season Player Goals
92/93 Teddy Sheringham 22
93/94 Andrew Cole 34
94/95 Alan Shearer 34
95/96 Alan Shearer 31
96/97 Alan Shearer 25
97/98 Dion Dublin 18
98/99 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink 18
99/00 Kevin Phillips 30
00/01 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink 23
01/02 Thierry Henry 24
02/03 Ruud van Nistelrooy 25
03/04 Thierry Henry 30
04/05 Thierry Henry 25
05/06 Thierry Henry 27
06/07 Didier Drogba 20
07/08 Cristiano Ronaldo 30
08/09 Nicolas Anelka 19

The trend shows a couple of years where high premiership top goal scorer totals were met. These are often followed by a much lower golden boot tally in subsequent years. Thierry Henry has won the award the most times, which is 4. The highest total in a season is currently jointly held by Alan Shearer and Andrew Cole, who both managed to reach 34 goals.

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Premiership top scorer beting

Top scorer (golden boot) beting on the premier league is one of the top season long proteins. When making proteins like this it is important to do your research. A lot can happen over the season. First of all check the players previous goal scoring record. Were they injured in a season when they reached a high total?…Could they get more this year? For example, Fernando Torres. He scored 24 goals in his first season for Liverpool, but was then injured so didn’t score so many the next season.

Is the player really good, but also really injury prone? Lots of injuries may stop a player reaching a high total over a single season, even if they do have a high goal per game ratio.

It is also important to see if the player will be missing due to other commitments. For example, many African players in the Premier League attend the African Cup of Nations. They can be missing for over a month because of this tournament, and you never know, they could pick up an injury while they are there as well.

If the player you want to protein on is considered quite likely to score a lot of goals, then you are not going to get very good odds on it. The best thing to do is to wait for the season to start and protein after a few games. It can sometimes take a player a few games to find form, or another player may get a hattrick in their first game. These things will make the odds fluctuate and you could get a proteinter deal.

Another option is football spread beting. Instead of picking the player who you think will score the most goals. You can pick any player and say whether they will score over or under the amount of goals the spread company think they will score.